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My Story - Find Out How McTimoney Chiropractic Has Helped to Heal and Inspire Me

I remember my first Chiropractic treatment as if it were yesterday. For me it was life changing in many ways...
It was 1980 when I went to visit Shanee Taylor in Nottingham. I was recommended to her by a friend. He told me she had sorted out his problem and that he felt better than ever.

I had been struggling for weeks with shin splints. No matter what I did, as soon as I returned to any great distance with my running the pains would return. The GP offered the usual rest and anti-inflammatory tablets but we all know they are not the answer. I wanted to heal my problem.

Shanee listened to my tale of woe and then explained about how McTimoney Chiropractic might help me. She took time to outline the problems that mis-aligned bones in the spine and pelvis can cause. She told me what she was going to do and I was to ask about any aspect of the treatment I did not understand.

For all those out there who are not aware John McTimoney developed this whole body treatment in the 1960’s. Every part (yes every part) of your skeletal framework is balanced up one bone to another. You are treated from top to bottom. The adjustments are fast and you feel very little discomfort. When it was done I felt something had happened but don’t forget I was not really in pain sitting there in the treatment room. I did feel a slight warm glow and it was like nothing I had ever received before. I paid my fee and took the bus home.

The friend who recommended chiropractic told me it took a couple of treatments before he felt anything happening. He told me to be patient.

The next day my lower back and pelvis felt really stiff and sore and I was extremely tired. It was the weekend so I took it really easy. Day two was a little easier and by Monday I was pain free (from the reactions).

But here’s the thing. I suddenly felt clarity in my head, like a fog had been lifted. I was aware of how much more energy I had. I was told by Shanee to take it easy and I did. But it was difficult. I couldn’t wait for my second session.

The second session was a review of the previous week and then another whole body work-over. Even though I felt well the advice was to take it easy. By the end of my fourth treatment I was beginning to feel really alive and vital for the first time in as long as I can remember. Shanee advised an easy transition back to exercise and I followed her instructions.

It would take weeks before I could get up to the testing distance but I was prepared to wait. It just felt right this time. I really enjoyed my treatments and it was great chatting to Shanee. She explained the chiropractic philosophy in more detail and I was hooked. During one of our chats she sowed the seed of me becoming a therapist myself.

For those of you who don’t know, I was a timed served engineer when I met Shanee. I was happily involved in the manufacture of aerospace parts and the like. Could I really change and become a chiropractor?

So there you have it. McTimoney Chiropractic solved my problem and gave me a new career and lifestyle. Thirty years on, the rewards have been unbelievable. I have kept up my regular chiropractic treatments and I have had very few structural problems. If I have had pains they have generally been self inflicted traumas (mostly cycling accidents) and have cleared up very quickly.

For over twenty six years I have worked at The Nottingham Natural Health Centre in Carrington. The centre has always had at least two McTimoney Chiropractors on duty throughout the week, so I have never had far to go, or long to wait for treatment. My thanks to Janet, Liam and Simon who have kept me in fine shape all these years. I have met and treated thousands of people since I qualified in 1985. Some have become close friends and many have returned their own skills in helping me with the problems of everyday life. I hope to be around for many years yet, both treating and being treated using this wonderful therapy.

As you can see from my contact details I have moved my city practice to The Grange Complementary Health Clinic. It is very close to TNNHC and has better parking. I look forward to seeing you at one of my offices soon maybe?

John Goman, McTimoney Chiropractor

Patient Testimonials

Be Inspired by These Testimonials Written by Some of my Wonderful Patients

Sue's Testimonial

I was in a really bad way when I came to John for help. I'd been helping a friend move a box of very expensive and heavy bathroom tiles that had been left on the floor. I bent down to pick them up and my back went into spasm. They weren't my tiles, and worried I might drop them I bent again to put them back on the floor. My friend found me leaning on the wall not knowing what to do as I just couldn't move without being in agony.

I didn't want to go to the doctors as I knew that they would only prescribe pain killers and possibly refer me onto a specialist. Pain killers would only mask the pain but what I needed was a cure. I didn't know what to expect as I shuffled slowly into John's office. I was very nervous and a bit sceptical too.

Initially John asked me lots of questions, not just about the cause of my injury but also background stuff about my history and lifestyle. He explained that everything I was feeling could in part have been affected by this. With his gentle manner and caring attitude he was able to calm my fears and assured me that although it might not be a "quick fix" it was repairable.

My husband was in the room too so John was able to explain and show him where the problem was and what he was going to do about it. There were lots of strange clunking and thwacking noises as John got to work on my back. At the end of the session I did feel slightly better but again John reassured me that with rest and some regular treatment over the coming he weeks it would get better.

He told me he would, through the treatment be able to change my structure over time. He works on my total body at each session bringing everything back into alignment. It ensures my posture is correct so I should be able to walk tall and protect my spine from future damage. And that's exactly what happened.

Three years later my whole family have been to se John on a regular basis. It is an essential and integral part of our well being routine. We look forward to going to see John because he is brilliant. We feel so good and relaxed when we have been for our "top up" and we are always happy to recommend his service to others. We want others to get that "feel good" factor to.

Sue from Bingham, Nottinghamshire

Ian's Testimonial

I have been visiting John since 2002 and have found his treatment extremely beneficial. I make a point of being treated every two to three months as I feel that this ensures any potential problems are attended to before they become a major difficulty. Some three years ago I moved into a property which required a certain amount of updating and in that time I have done a lot of work which involved bending and heavy lifting. I have been quite amazed that now in my sixties I not only have been able to tackle this type of work but that I have not suffered unduly as a result.

These last few years I have also not had to carry a back aid around with me when travelling, something I really couldn’t manage without for quite a considerable time.

On one memorable occasion and prior to the renovation work I woke up one morning hardly able to get dressed. This was a complete mystery as I couldn’t remember doing anything that could have caused the intense pain I was suffering. Fortunately John had a 4.30pm slot which I managed to attend with the aid of a walking stick.

John immediately recognised that the injury was somewhat unusual and went about my treatment in quite a different way to that normally experienced. By 8pm that night I was playing with my then five year old grand-daughter albeit somewhat carefully! I now regard my trips to John more as a regular social visit which due to his pleasant personality and good sense of humour sadly pass all too quickly. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John to anyone who suffers from back related ailments.

Ian, from Mansfield, North Nottinghamshire

Gordon's Testimonial

When I was a teenager I hurt my upper back in a rugger accident. In my mid-twenties I suffered a whiplash injury to my neck as the result of a car crash. So, in my forties, when I ripped something in my lower back picking up a heavy weight I was in serious trouble. At first I could hardly walk and I had shooting pains down to my ankle.

Luckily I found McTimoney chiropractic. I have found that McTimoney chiropractic as practised by John Goman has had an amazing effect on my back.

I knew I was in safe hands when John systematically and carefully manipulated my back. He works on each vertebra in turn as well as making sure that my pelvis is correctly aligned. When I leave his surgery I am about one inch taller as he has straightened my spine.

Because of the weakened state of my spine it is still very easy for me to put my back out especially if I pick up something heavy or trip over: and, as I am rather clumsy, tripping over something is a frequent occurrence for me. But as soon as I know my back has been put out I make an appointment to see John and I know that by the end of the session my back will be straight and pain-free again.

Without John, I would be disabled.

Gordon, a retired teacher from Nottingham

Sarah's Testimonial

This is a copy of an email sent by Sarah, a post grad student from Nottm University...

Dear John Goman,
I'm writing to ask about the possibility of arranging a consultation with you relating to back pain. My medical history has been quite complicated so far with this. I outline it briefly below should you need to know about this before deciding whether to take me on as a patient...

I have been experiencing a severe pain in my back for the last 3 months, high up on my back on the left hand side, just under my shoulder blade and in the middle of my back. Frequently this pain will become so severe that I experience spasm attacks in my back and abdomen.

I have had various medical tests to try and establish the cause of my pain - abdominal x-rays, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, blood tests, CT scan, MRI scan and ultra sound, all of which were negative for any cause apart from a small polyp in my gall bladder.

My gall bladder was removed, finding 2 gallstones and chronic cholecystitis, but its removal has not prevented my pain.

In the absence of any obvious organic cause I have now been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and given dietary advice and medication to manage my pain. However, this has not helped a great deal and I am still experiencing pain.

I am continuing to see a gastroenterologist about this issue. However, he has also suggested that I might benefit from consulting a chiropractor about my sudden, ongoing back pain.

Thank you for reading my email. Could you let me know if this in an issue you would wish to deal with at your clinic and if so arrange an initial consultation? Having taken some time off, I am currently able to make an appointment at any time. I am not of course demanding any miracle cures for what has clearly been a complicated issue so far. Nevertheless, chiropractic treatment is an avenue I would really like to explore.

Here's what Sarah wrote after her McTimoney Chiropractic Treatment...

Having been through over three months of severe back pain, abdominal pain and digestive problems, I have to admit I was a little uncertain as to how far chiropractic treatment might be able to help me. I’d already been passed between four NHS specialists, undergone surgery to remove my gall bladder, taken a cocktail of different drugs and was at the point of feeling that since no one could work out was wrong with me, my future was looking pretty uncomfortable. However, unwilling to accept at the age of twenty-five that the pain was something I was ‘just going to have to live with’, I did some research on Chiropractic and alternative medical treatments available in the Nottingham area and thought I should give it a try.

I’m very glad I came across John Goman and McTimoney Chiropractic treatment. Within a few sessions, my persistent back pain had been hugely relieved, to the point that I could return to work and the normal activities that I’d begun to feel I might never get back to.

More remarkable still, the digestive, IBS pain that had plagued me for the previous few months, causing me to lose 15% of my body weight, improved alongside this. I found John’s helpful suggestions for dietary changes more effective than the NHS information I’d received, again something I hadn’t quite expected from my chiropractic treatment. So I can honestly say I would recommend John’s Chiropractic treatment to anyone who is experiencing such pain - your condition is not necessarily something you have to live with simply because doctors aren’t sure what’s gone wrong, you can take your own action to try to relieve and possibly even solve it.

Sarah, from Nottingham University

Isi's Testimonial

Dear John,
It has now been quite a few years but at one point in my life I had serious back pain. Lying down was problematic and the joy of a lie-in in the mornings was no longer a joy, since I woke up with back pain, which only stopped once I got up. Sitting down for longer periods was also difficult.

A friend suggested the chiropractic approach and you, John, came highly recommended by him. So I decided to give this a go and after a thorough questionnaire about other existing health problems and an introductory consultation the treatment began.

After the very first session, which was a lot less painful than I anticipated, I felt a couple of inches taller, my back felt straighter, my posture improved and best of all, I could lie down and not be in pain and also enjoy a lie-in at weekends.

The best side effect of this treatment was an alleviation of another problem that I had at the time. I suffered from severe stomach cramps and could not eat a meal without having an antacid tablet during or straight after a meal. This also disappeared with the first treatment and my bottle of Tums went past its expiry date and was discarded.

Thank you so much, John, for sorting out my back and with it my digestive problems. I’m very happy to say, with regular checkups and adjustments once or twice a year, my bone structure is now in good shape and the problems have not recurred.

Isi, Business Woman from West Bridgford, Nottingham

Lynda's Testimonial

Many thanks for your recent treatment of my husband and myself. We both are moving well again and have just done 3 days walking on the Cornish Coast, thanks to your chiropractic treatment. Combined with deep massage and regular use of the deep tissue massager you lent me, my mobility and fitness is much improved.

The regular chiropractic checkups every few months are an essential part of this process and I will try to persuade my husband to keep these up.

Anyone with chronic back problems reading this should be assured that the treatment is safe, gentle and effective. Combined with exercise and a sensible approach to strenuous activity, your back problems can be eased and your fitness improved. Many thanks!

Lynda, West Bridgford, Nottingham

Nicola's Testimonial

Recently I suffered with terrible lower back pain and could find no relief. Being 24 weeks pregnant I wasn't able to take medication and the doctor prescribed "rest". I called several chiropractors but being 3 days before Christmas, most were either closed for the holidays or fully booked. I called John Goman's practice and when I explained my problem and that I was pregnant I was told to come in at the end of that day. I was given first class treatment from walking through the doors; greeted by welcoming staff, then to be met by John who worked wonders.

I couldn't speak more highly of this practice. I was given time to talk through my problems and concerns then treated with instant results!! I left the clinic with lots of confidence in the treatment I had received. I have since returned to be given positive feedback and told to "pick up the phone anytime".

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending The Nottingham Natural Health Centre! Thank you once again to John and his staff.

Nicola, Calverton, Nottinghamshire

Mark's Testimonial

I first consulted John Goman over ten years ago when I injured my neck. He was recommended to me by a friend who had had a long standing back problem. I had never consulted a chiropractor before, but found the short course of treatment effective- even relaxing.

Since that time I have periodically sought treatment, most recently for backache. Like my friend I am pleased to recommend this method of treatment to anyone who experiences similar problems to me.

Mark, Nurse Lecturer, QMC (Queen's Medical Centre), Nottingham

Karen's Testimonial

I have visited John on several occasions now and each time I am amazed how gentle and how effective his treatments are. Only recently I damaged my back to such an extent that I couldn’t walk, sit or lie down without pain, but after just two treatments the pain began to ease and after a few more I was able to return to work. At present I swim, walk and go to fitness classes and intend to keep it that way by booking regular reviews.

Karen, a teacher from Colwick, Nottingham

Trevor's Testimonial

I first visited John back in 1993 with chronic neck pain, so bad that I could not drive to the appointment because of the lack of movement in my neck. Even after the first treatment I experienced some improvement. I continued with the treatment on a weekly basis for a while and then fortnightly for a while followed by monthly and then quarterly. I think that I thought that I was completely cured and for one reason or another I stopped making appointments, only for the problem and the pain to return. This would invariably occur just before or at the weekend and by the time I had made an appointment I would have suffered 5 or 6 days of pain and discomfort.

This happened several times before I realised that I could avoid all the pain and discomfort by having 3 or 4 appointments a year irrespective of whether I had pain or discomfort. It is many years now since I have had to make a non scheduled appointment and worth every penny of the £100 - £130 I need to spend to remain pain free. I am now 69 years old, walk straight and tall, play golf 3 times a week, am involved in running a business and generally enjoy life to the full. I have in the past and will in the future recommend friends and acquaintances to the healing powers of Chiropractic.

Trevor, Ilkeston, Nottingham

Mark's Testimonial

I first consulted John Goman over ten years ago when I injured my neck. He was recommended to me by a friend who had had a long standing back problem. I had never consulted a chiropractor before, but found the short course of treatment effective- even relaxing.

Since that time I have periodically sought treatment, most recently for backache. Like my friend I am pleased to recommend this method of treatment to anyone who experiences similar problems to me.

Mark, Nurse Lecturer, QMC (Queen's Medical Centre), Nottingham

Erin's Testimonial

The testimonial below is about Erin. Erin is the grand daughter of a colleague I used to work with here at The Nottingham Natural Health Centre. Erin was the second born to my colleague’s own daughter. Erin’s brother had been given a course of Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) when he arrived in the world so it was odds on that his sister would get the same 5-star treatment. However, Erin arrived with a major problem in her right arm.

I will let her grandfather explain what happened next:

Our granddaughter Erin was born with her arm trapped by her side. It quite quickly became evident that she had difficulty raising her right arm. The doctors were initially unconcerned and required a lot of pushing to get her referred to a specialist unit in Sheffield where they diagnosed Erbs Palsy and said that the only option was surgery. We brought her for CST treatment, which proved invaluable in increasing her mobility. She is now 10yrs old, has been doing ballet and gymnastics. She is a strong swimmer and has required no further treatment.

A lovely story and a fantastic result. At the time when I was working with Erin I didn’t bother the find out about Erb’s Palsy. Many soft tissue problems (and you can’t get softer than a newborn) if treated straight away can be improved or cleared up very effectively with CST. Because I saw Erin very soon after her birth I believed the problem to come from her lying awkwardly for weeks on her arm inside the womb. Instinctively (for what it’s worth) I still feel Erin’s problem came from before she was delivered and not as a result of neglect.

I say this because I decided to Google Erb’s Palsy before posting this testimonial. The first few listings were for solicitors who work to get compensation for babies who suffer this trauma after negligent handling at birth! See the excerpt that follows...

"Erb's Palsy is a condition arising from injury at birth. Sometimes during birth the baby’s shoulder may become trapped ("shoulder dystocia") and serious nerve damage to the baby can occur during attempts to free the shoulder. This damage can cause severe long term consequences. Negligent handling of the birth can sometimes be found responsible for the injury. Claims of this nature can be of high value."

"The Severe Injury Team has considerable experience and expertise with Erb's Palsy cases and can advise if you feel there may be a claim to investigate."

I don’t think for one minute that Erin’s family felt that her problem had been caused by medical procedures during the birth process. Her grandparents were both therapists and were aware of the type of problems that occur prior to delivery. There was no way they were going to let Erin undergo surgery and I felt honoured to be asked to help.

Finally, the other major factor in Erin’s recovery was the hours of massage lovingly applied to the arm, neck, back and shoulders by the doting grandparents, (both massage therapists - how fortunate).

Erin's Grandfather, Nottingham. (Commentary by myself)

Watch Michael and Emma's Video Testimonial here