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The Magnolia Therapy Centre,
354 Mansfield Road,
Nottingham. NG5 2EF
Telephone: 0115 9608855

The Castle Clinic,
5a High Street,
Nottingham. NG11 6DT
Telephone: 0115 9211455
Mobile: 07546 266 819

Woodlands Natural Health Centre,
Queen's Court,
Woodland Road,
Derby. DE22 1GR
Telephone: (07546) 266819
Derby number 0133 2299 133 (answer phone only).

My News

New Nottingham City Office Location
June 2018

After just over two years I have decided to move the practice to a place many of you will remember. Number 354 Mansfield Road, Carrington.

What was once The Nottingham Natural Health Centre is now The Magnolia Therapy Centre. The place has been transformed into a wonderful Healing space. The few photos here do not do it justice. However, there are more on the Centre website. Indeed, at the time of writing this, my treatment room was still being built!

I am moving again alongside the other two McTimoney Chiropractors, Liam and Simon Mulvany. So once again we can offer chiropractic services throughout the week.

The Magnolia Therapy Centre,
354 Mansfield Road,
Carrington, Nottingham, NG5 2EF.
Telephone: 0115 9608855.

I am looking forward to seeing you all there very soon.

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Zero Balancing Training
June 2018

As many of you out there probably realise, just about all the healing professions require their members to complete a certain number of hours each year of Continued Professional Development (CPD) training. I have always tried to find something that challenges me and benefits my patient’s health and my knowledge.

Since receiving a course of Zero Balancing, and with great results I may add, I have decided to embark upon the training to be a practitioner as well. I have just completed the first two Zero Balancing training modules. The next stage, once I have signed up to the Zero Balancing Association UK Certification Programme, is to get working with some willing volunteers! That’s where you can possibly come in. So keep your eyes peeled for more information at my three offices.

What is Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a gentle yet powerful method of balancing body energy with body structure using skilled touch. It was developed by an American Osteopathic Physician, Dr Fritz Frederick Smith MD. Zero Balancing integrates western knowledge of our body with oriental insights into energy, recognising the ways our body heals itself and how we maintain good health.

It has been taught in the UK since 1983. Practitioners of Zero Balancing are health-care professionals who have been trained to a recognised level of skill and awarded the title ‘Certified Zero Balancer’.

A Zero Balancing session lasts between 30 and 40 minutes during which you remain fully clothed. The work is performed with you sitting and then lying comfortably on your back on a massage table. Zero Balancing uses held stretches and finger pressure with a focus on bones and joints. It takes a person into a place of refreshing relaxation which can bring about a profound experience of well-being and body-felt unity. The touch used in Zero Balancing has a characteristic clarity which is pleasurable to receive.

The gentle but firm touch brings about a return of flexibility, encourages good posture and clears stiffness in a richly restorative way. The sensitivity of touch used in Zero Balancing returns us to ourselves whilst simultaneously opening to an awareness of a centred presence in the world.

Zero Balancing is very useful when we are becoming overwhelmed by stresses in our lives which in turn can lead to a decline in our vitality and our ability to adapt to change. Contemporary life is increasingly attracting us into a virtual experience, with life being lived at an ever-faster pace. Staying in touch with the actual world and its natural rhythms is an essential reality check which is valuable in maintaining the balance which is health.

Zero Balancing is beneficial for a wide range of people and effective in many ways. It is truly a body work ideally suited for the lives we live now. It also complements McTimoney Chiropractic wonderfully.

Get a flavour of what happens during a typical Zero Balancing session:

'ThreeBestRated' Award

I am happy to announce that I have been rated as one of the best three Chiropractors in Nottingham! I am proud to exhibit the certificate both here and in my office because unbeknown to me, it arose from all the great ratings you; my patients were kind enough to send.

Thank you all very much. John Goman