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Why McTimoney Chiropractic?

Why McTimoney Chiropractic?

McTimoney Chiropractic is where I started myself over thirty years ago. I got treated for a serious sports injury. If you want to read my story it’s in the Testimonials section. If you want to see me and hear it in person I relate the tale via a YouTube film.
I'm sure it's Chiropractic that has led you to this site and now to this page.
So here’s what you need to know. I am a McTIMONEY CHIROPRACTOR and have been using this wonderful technique for over 30 years.

Some points to consider...

  • It's a whole body treatment EVERY time you present. One bone is adjusted at a time until the best possible re-alignment is achieved throughout your whole system.
  • It's totally safe and extremely comfortable to receive.
  • The first session will take an hour and all follow ups will be up to 30 minutes.
  • Until your problem stabilises your treatments will be weekly.
  • It's not a miracle treatment. It's not magic. There's no silver bullet.
  • If your problem is a structural malfunction I am trained to feel it, find it and then adjust and ultimately treat it.
  • So, if you want your problem/pain to go away, if you want your body to perform at a higher level you need to get a course of treatment.

Really, it's as simple as that.

What does a treatment involve?..

  •  Come in and tell me about your problem.
  •  Adjusting the neck (up to six vertebrae).
  •  Adjusting the hips (pelvis).
  •  Adjusting the extremities (feet shown).
  •  Adjusting down the spine (up to 22 adjustments).

(If you wish you may stay fully clothed during your treatment. All I ask is that you wear loose fitting clothes.)

Remember though, Chiropractic is just energy from a very special adjustment applied to a sick area of your body. I use my hands for the adjustments and I check and treat every single part of your skeletal system every time you visit. You should always check when making enquiries about chiropractic how and where you will be treated and the frequency of treatment sessions.

Chiropractic is quick and easy to perform and patients often feel a benefit straight away. However, healing is not instant, it's not magical, and it's certainly not miraculous. If your pain reduces quickly that is wonderful, but to heal properly, that most definitely takes time!

Make That First Step now

Make a Change to How You Feel

So, McTimoney Chiropractic is just the start. Just the catalyst to get things going. Only your body can fix all the delicate tissues surrounding and supporting the bone/s I will adjust during your treatment. Sadly those tissues will take time (sometimes a long time) to heal. It may not be what you want to hear but that's how it is.

To get long term benefit you will need to have a course of treatment. Whilst I am adjusting over time your body will do more and more repairing of itself. Believe me, my bit is easy. You the patient have the task of being careful to allow your body to heal properly. I’m sorry but I don't know any other way.

There's an old saying that goes "The surgeon cuts, the nurse cares but only the body heals".
McTimoney Chiropractors adjust and your body hopefully heals.

I'm sure by now that you are aware there are lots of different ways to manipulate bones. Chiropractic is just one and McTimoney Chiropractic is one of many. McTimoney Chiropractic is what helped me get my life and fitness back over thirty years ago. I have made sure I am checked and treated regularly ever since. It started my return to health and vitality and that’s why I do it!