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Spinal health checks take just 15 minutes. Find out what to expect during your free spinal health check visit...

The Magnolia Therapy Centre,
354 Mansfield Road,
Nottingham. NG5 2EF
Telephone: 0115 9608855

The Castle Clinic,
5a High Street,
Nottingham. NG11 6DT
Telephone: 0115 9211455
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Woodlands Natural Health Centre,
Queen's Court,
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Derby number 0133 2299 133 (answer phone only).

Free Spinal Health Check

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What to Expect During Your FREE Spinal Health Check Visit...

Spinal health checks take just 15 minutes. When you arrive you will need to complete a very simple questionnaire which takes a couple of minutes.

Your examination is in five parts and replicates exactly the procedure for a new patient exam.

  • You will be asked to sit down and I will assess the alignment and core strength of your spine and pelvis.(hips) From this overview I can outline the type of complaints you may be experiencing. I will then check for the range of movement in your head and neck.
  • You will then be asked to lie on your back so I can do a pelvic alignment test. I will also check for any stiffness issues in the hip joints.
  • Phase three is where you lie on your stomach so I can assess the alignment of your spine and how it articulates with the ribs and shoulders.
  • Finally I will test for your standing posture and any gait issues in the feet.
  • I will give you a treatment plan and estimate how long it will take to resolve your problems. All identified problems would normally be corrected during future treatment sessions.

Unless you are 100% sure I ask everyone to go away and think about whether McTimoney Chiropractic treatment is what you want to try and commit to. You can come back and discuss matters as often as you wish. I think it’s good to be sure when trying something completely different like manipulation. I do hope we meet each other soon to try and put an end to your problems.